Viewing Favorite Pages

One problem with having a lot of information online is that you need to keep track of many pages. The traditional solution is to bookmark all pages you're interested in. There are problems with this solution:

  • You need to periodically review your bookmarked pages for updates.

  • You can't search or filter just your bookmark collection.

  • You need to categorize or organize your bookmark collection; otherwise, having all bookmarks on a single level becomes cumbersome.

Wiki tools provide two improved solutions: tags and stars.

Tags are good ways to categorize pages containing similar types of information or content. You can perform a tag-based search and find everything strongly related to a topic or combination of topics. You can create an RSS feed of this tag-based search and then be notified when a tagged page is changed.

Stars are similar to a web-based bookmarking system, which unlike tags is not shared between users. Marking pages you're interested in with stars allows you to easily search for content you're interested in and receive notifications of page updates. Here are some things you can do:

  • Search for a combination of starred pages and tags or a text phrase. For example, if you searched for starred pages with the "plan" tag, you'd find all pages you're interested in that deal with planning.

  • Create an RSS feed of your starred pages so you're notified when a page you're interested in is changed. You can also create an RSS feed of a combination of starred pages and pages containing tags or a text phrase.

To star a page:

  • While viewing a wiki page or blog post, click the star icon at the left of the title.

    If you're viewing multiple blog posts, click the title of a blog post to view it before clicking the star.

  • While viewing search results, click the star icon at the right of the result titles.

A yellow star represents a starred page, and a translucent star represents a nonstarred page. Click a star to switch it between starred and nonstarred.

To view all starred pages:

  1. While viewing My Page, click Updates.

  2. Under Show, click "starred pages."

To search for starred pages:

  1. While viewing My Page, enter a text phrase in the search field.

    You can leave the search field empty to show all pages you have access to.

  2. In the Search Results page, click Starred.

  3. Click the filters or sort order on the right to apply them.

    Click the active sort order to switch between ascending and descending.

    Every tag you select filters by that tag in addition to currently applied tag filters. Deselect a tag to stop filtering by that tag.


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