Enabling and Disabling Wiki Services

A wiki administrator can change whether the blog, web calendar, and mailing list archive services are enabled or disabled for a wiki. You can't disable the wiki service.

If you disable a service and later reenable it, your content is still there.

You can also enable podcasts for the wiki's blog. Podcasts are downloadable radio- and TV-style shows. You can enable podcasts so that whenever you attach an audio or movie file to a new blog entry, it becomes available as a podcast. Any blog post with media can be subscribed to in iTunes.

To enable or disable wiki services:

  1. While viewing a wiki's settings, click Services.

  2. Select the services listed under "Group services" to enable them.

    To disable them, deselect the services.

  3. Click Save.

To enable blog podcasts:

  1. While editing a wiki's settings, click Services.

  2. Select "Blog."

  3. Select "Create a podcast for this wiki's blog."

  4. In iTunes Category, choose the category for these podcasts in iTunes.

  5. Click Save.


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