Changing Wiki Settings

A wiki administrator can change wiki settings. Wiki settings are grouped into several categories:

Category Settings


  • Change the wiki icon (displayed in the top left)

  • Rename the wiki

  • Describe the wiki

  • Set a contact email

  • Change the wiki theme


  • Change which services are available

  • Enable blog podcasts


  • Choose who has access to the wiki and what level of access they have

  • Choose who can comment and which comments are moderated


  • Add a sidebar to the home page


  • Choose which server addresses the wiki appears under

Advanced wiki settings are available only for server administrators.

To change wiki settings:

  1. While viewing a wiki, click the name of the wiki at the upper-left of the page to view the wiki's homepage.

  2. Click Settings under "Admin functions" on the right side of the page.

    If you don't see "Admin functions," you're not an administrator for the wiki and can't change wiki settings.

  3. Click a settings category on the left and change settings as needed.

  4. Click "save."


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