Adding or Removing Tags

You can easily add tags to wiki pages, blog posts, and mailing list entries.

When adding tags, be aware of the tags used in your wiki because tags are more effective when they aren't duplicated. For example, it is better to have one "ProjectX" tag rather than "ProjectX" and "Project X" tags. Review similar pages to see how they're tagged to get ideas for how to tag your page.

To add a tag to a page:

  • While viewing a wiki page, blog post, or mailing list entry, click the Add Tag (+) button next to "Tags" at the upper-left of the page and enter the tag.

    As you type, the wiki tries to autocomplete your entry to match existing tags. If an existing tag matches what you want to add, select it.

    If you're viewing the blog or the mailing list, click the title of a blog post or mailing list entry to view it. You can't apply tags when viewing several blog posts or mailing list entries.

To remove a tag from a page:

  • While viewing a wiki page, blog post, or mailing list entry, drag the tag away from the tag list and then release the mouse button.

  • While editing a wiki page or blog post, click the small X that appears when you move the pointer near the tag.


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