Adding a Custom Sidebar to the Wiki Homepage

Sidebars are lists of recently updated pages shown on the wiki's homepage. The default sidebars include:

Sidebar Description

What's Hot

Lists the most recently updated or new pages that are tagged with "hot," in reverse chronological order.

Recent Changes

Lists the most recently updated or new pages, in reverse chronological order.

A wiki administrator can add a custom sidebar that shows pages tagged with a specific tag, in reverse chronological order of when the pages were last edited. For example, you could create a custom sidebar named "Status Reports" of all pages tagged with "status." Whenever someone creates or updates a page tagged with "status," the sidebar lists the page.

To add a custom sidebar:

  1. While editing a wiki's settings, click Sidebar.

  2. In the Sidebar Title field, name the sidebar.

  3. In the Search Tag field, enter the tag required for pages listed in the sidebar.

  4. Click Save.


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