Navigating through the Web Calendar

The web calendar includes several navigation buttons and a minicalendar that make it easy to navigate months or weeks, or to return to today's date.

To change the main calendar view:

  • Click "day,""week," or "month."

    The Previous (left arrow) and Next (right arrow) buttons next to "day,""week," and "month" display the previous or next day, week, or month.

To view the minicalendar:

  • Click the Calendar (small calendar) button located between the New Calendar (+) and Notifications (envelope) buttons.

To navigate to a specific date using the minicalendar:

  • To change the minicalendar's month, click the Previous (left arrow) or Next (right arrow) button next to the name of the month.

  • To view a specific day, click the day in the mini-calendar.

    The main calendar keeps its current view (day, week or month) but shows the selected date.

To change the minicalendar and the main calendar to show today:

  • Click "today."


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